afrorama is an accessible web-based general encyclopedia of the African continent.

afrorama amplifies digital  knowledge of African countries by providing a 360º overview of the continent through seven key categories: Arts & Literature, Business & Politics, Entertainment, Geography & Nature, History, Philosophy & Beliefs, and Science & Technology.

Our mission is to improve the education of African topics worldwide.

Afrorama was born out of Ghanaian-French afro-optimist Chloé Bertrand's frustration that online resources to learn about different African countries are limited, poorly-presented or inaccessible. Where resources do exist, they are expensive to access, or tend to focus on the African diaspora and Europeans explorers' experience of the continent.

afrorama was launched on social media in April 2021. The platform aims to provide a "panorama of the African continent".

Since 2021, afrorama has grown a significant social media following and participated in several programmes and hackathons. In 2021, afrorama was selected as one of the winning projects of the Media and Information Literacy 2021 Hackathon organised by UNESCO and the Government of South Africa.

As a not-for-profit organisation, transparency is very important to us. Our supports can view our achievements in our annual reports:

afrorama is inclusive, accessible, balanced, decolonial and non-confrontational. In the design of our platform and in our knowledge production, we strive to:

  • Incorporate diverse voices and perspectives
  • Critically examine sources and their historical and social context
  • Be accessible, inclusive, respectful and non-confrontational
  • Continuously improve and be open to learning
  • Be as transparent as possible

You can support afrorama today by:

  • donating to supporting the development of our platform
  • becoming a partner organisation to share knowledge and expertise
  • providing introductions to partners and potential donors

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