Our Ambition

Afrorama is a collaborative and digital general encyclopaedia of Africa which ambitions to democratise knowledge, encourage knowledge production and promote learning related to Africa. As an Afrocentric platform it aims to inspire the next generation of African leaders for positive change and to build common understandings between different cultures.


the dawn of a new era

Our Story

Afrorama was born out of Afro-optimist Chloé Bertrand’s frustration that Africa is one of the most misrepresented continents in popular media and the internet. Current resources related to Africa are limited, hard to access and generally biased. Only 14% of content on Wikipedia is related to Africa, and most of the Wikipedia articles are below 500 words. Limited and incomplete knowledge related to Africa can give rise to stereotyping, hate speech and is harmful towards the objective of creating a more peaceful world. 

Since its online launch in April 2021, Afrorama has grown its social media following, has conducted two market research surveys with overwhelmingly positive feedback, and participated in a pre-accelerator program. In July 2021, Afrorama was selected as the winning project of the Hackathon competition organised by SHARE Africa. In November 2021, Afrorama was selected as one of the winning projects of the Media and Information Literacy 2021 Hackathon organised by UNESCO.

Support Afrorama today

You can support Afrorama today by:

  • officially endorsing the project either as an individual or an organisation;

  • donating in-kind or providing financial contributions;

  • joining our Council of the Wise (advisory board) to help shape the vision further;

  • becoming a partner organisation to share knowledge and expertise;

  • providing mentorship or introductions to partners and potential donors.

Please contact us at hello@afrorama.org to support us. 

Meet the Team

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Chloé Bertrand


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Afrorama is actively looking for team members, contact us at hello@afrorama.org for more information.